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Monday, January 20, 2014

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM

I think I'm ready to try out the PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM. I saw some social posts from renowned tech evangelist Marc Macanas of Tech Pinas and low-key mobile phone maestro Reggie Ramos a.k.a. DR on the Go regarding the PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM. I'm considering getting one for work because as Reg mentioned, it'll make me (and other users) much more reachable. I currently don't have an office landline, so this will suffice for now for communicating with colleagues who are office-based and using the traditional wireline telephone unit.

DR on the Go PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid on his Facebook Timeline

Some things to note when using this. 1) Some SIMs do not have load when installed. There were some promos before that offered a small load amount for use in making local calls. Hope this will be conducted again when I purchase the prepaid SIM. 2) After installing the SIM / attaching the SIM into the mobile phone slot, he SIM has to be loaded with credit - either via a load card or PLDT / Smart Load retailers. This string has to be dialed to activate the SIM: #101*300 (for P300 load cards). 3) dial these numbers to check one's balance: 101-328 (you will be transferred to a customer care representative or #101-328 for menu.

Tech Pinas Community on Instagram

My "share of pocket" includes a Smart number (LTE coverage is better), a Globe Handyphone postpaid line (from the late 90s pa) and a SUN prepaid. I'll try a wireless landline soon. Additional tips will be posted once I get my prepaid kit.

Additional tips from my colleagues, Jhoycee Simbulan and David Aguilar:

Schedules of Prenatal Classes and Breastfeeding Workshop

I believe in the beauty of breastfeeding. Even though my wife and I had some "humps" in learning this while taking care of our newborn, we advocate this practice for those mothers who can!

Monday, January 13, 2014

How to use the knAPPsack app on the Telpad

I just received a digital game voucher from PLDT Home that I can use to get 2 premium video game apps from EA Games! Although I'm a very casual gamer and games take up about an hour of my time per three days, it was still great for me to receive this digital content freebie! I used to pour in hours and hours into gaming when when I was younger.
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
The new PLDT Home logo for 2014. The strongest connections are at home.

Some of the EA game titles that I'm familiar with include the NBA Live series, FIFA, the SIMS and Need for Speed (which I'll definitely download to drive the Ford 'Stang in "Gotta Have It Green" paint and white racing stripes. Most of these used to hold precious disk space on my old PCs and Playstation console! Hahaha. Enough of the history narrative. Here's a short how-to on using the knAPPsack app on your Telpad. knAPPsack is a mobile app (Google Android OS) manager that's embedded/built into the PLDT Telpad. If you're a Telpad user, tap this to access the content and utility apps on your device. Use the search bar to locate knAPPsack or if you're the visual type, just look for the red knapsack/backpack icon with the PLDT logo!

how to install games on an android tablet
knAPPsack has a bright red backpack icon.
apps Google Android Jellybean Ice Cream Sandwich
Open the Telpad knAPPsack and you'll see this splash screen.

news games tv shows music educational apps
Click on the EA Games logo to install the EA app.
PLDT Home gift voucher codes PIN MIN app content
Click on the EA Games app on your app folder to launch free game download screen.
game code for SIMS need for speed tetris EA sports
Choose your preferred game title and enter the game voucher code.

Your game will download and install to the Telpad. Just select to launch, start playing and enjoy hours and hours of fun!

Troubleshooting tip
How to fix Telpad download
Busy pinwheel loading screen - how do I fix this?

Should this screen appear during your download, you just have to restart the app and make sure that the internet connection (WiFi) is strong and stable. I was trying to download a pdf while doing this, so I stopped that so that the tablet could focus on the game download / installation.
Another tip on how to do a screenshot on the Telpad. Press the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Don't just click both quickly, but keep pressing until you see 1) visual cue that the screen shot / screen capture was made and 2) a camera click / shutter sound. The snapshots will be saved in a screenshot folder within your files.

You can watch PBA games via the Home DSL PBA App which you can see install/launch via knAPPsack. The livestream is courtesy of Interaksyon.
If you're in a giving mode, you can also install/launch the Brick-by-Brick app. Brick-by-brick is a fund-raising and fund management effort by the Philippine Disaster Relief Foundation, while the app is an online donation platform for the restoration and reconstruction of churches, schools, health centers and houses in the Philippine provinces of Bohol, Cebu and Zamboanga.

Hope this how-to helps. Tell me about your Telpad story and what apps you've tried!