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Monday, November 12, 2012

Call Center Broker / BPO Summit Manila $ 2012

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Through the kindness of Ms. Ros Juan, Ms. Myra Sandico and Mr. Jayson Biadog, I was able to attend the morning session of Call Center Broker / BPO Summit Manila $ 2012.  This event was held last October 27, 2012 at the Tanghalang PasigueƱo Main Theater at the Pasig City Hall (I took C-5 northbound from Makati to get here, turned right at Buting which is in between the twin overhead U-Turns and opposite Kalayaan Ave. from BGC). The venue was a little tricky to find since it's at the back of the City Hall main building, but it's an impressive structure that can host different events.

pasig city hall raymundo blvd rotonda simbahan caruncho urbano velasco
Tanghalang PasigueƱo
The local government rents out the auditorium (Asemblea Magna), a banquet hall (Pista ng Bayan), 2 mini-theatres/function rooms, a garden area (Halaman ni Mutya) and the main lobby. Other services offered include chairs, tables, stage / platform, misting fans and a bus or coaster for group transportation.
I arrived at around 7:30AM and secured good (shaded) parking near the entrance. When I left, the area was full with approximately 25 vehicles.  There's a bigger parking space adjacent to the building based on other blogs I read. I headed to the lobby to register (took less than 2 minutes) and see the booths on display.


Registration Area
 The program started around 9:20AM with an invocation.

 Here are some snapshots of the hosts and morning speakers:

Ms. Myra Sandico: "Filipinos are good in customer service, sales and marketing!"

Ms. Rebecca Hontiveros: "Relationship between investor and BPO is important - trust and respect."

Mr. Mike Blanco: "Leadership starts at home."

Mr. Mike Blanco: "Three little words: 'And them some.'"
"Go the extra mile for your people. It is our responsibility to develop our people"

Ms. Nelda Zulueta: "Capitalize on opportunities in new media."

 I had to leave early to attend the GrantonWorld launch at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City. I hope to add to this post in the next few days.

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