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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Work at Home 'Pinas Seminar

 Last November 30, I was able to attend the seminar of Work at Home ' Pinas (WAHPinas) in Quezon City. "WAHPinas" is a group of enterprise / entrepreneur bloggers who are helping Filipinos to learn telecommuting and blogging then eventually earn. Here are some snapshots from the seminar.
Jon de Quiros, Head of PLDT HOME KaAsenso talks about the huge profit potential of "minigosysos" and micro-entrepreneurs.

The PLDT Home sales team featuring a Cyberya unit at Sangkalan restaurant. Cyberya is an internet-rental service PC unit that can be availed at any PLDT Sales and Service center.
Ron Villagonzalo of SAGABAY Outsourcing Services welcomes participants and raffles off some swag.
Raffy Pekson, Irene Enriquez and Ian Bacungan

Raffy Pekson talks about the importance of one's internet personality and the maximizing the internet.

Gian Viterbo of Gadget Pilipinas.

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PLDT HOME said...

We'll announce the winners of the PLDT #IWantaCyberya Blogger contest soon!