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Monday, June 21, 2010


I have to say, I enjoy new food experiences.

These don't have to be exotic (Hakarl or the regurgitated rice from a dog that a former office mate was telling me about), nor expensively upscale (USD5,000 burger?), just something that tells me a new story about the maker, the chef or the person I'm sharing the meal with.

I was researching about my ideal weight, and given my age (mid-30s) and height (5'5.5"), I should be only around 135 pounds. My pessimistic weighing scale determines that I have to lose more than 20 pounds, which means I have to augment my exercise and decrease caloric intake. I don't want to go scientific about it yet. I want to try something that I can sustain, so I'm riding a mountain bike to work (with knobbied wheels to make the pedal resistance greater) and cutting down on rice (half-a-cup of rice or none at all) during regular meals.
I've lost an inch around my tummy area because of (starvation?) discipline. I feel a lot lighter when I engage in sports, though I have to take care of the knees.

This morning's meal was pan de sal with Santol spread.
In a past life, it would have been half-a-can of SPAM and garlic fried rice with a little turmeric. And coffee. Not anymore.

Compared to normal jams/jellies, this didn't remind me of childhood & Santol fruits from the backyard (both of the homes where I stay have Santol trees visible from the topographic Google maps). The taste was very mild citrus, clouded by the sugary mixture. It might a while to get used to, especially since I'm a fan of guava jelly (nothing comes close).

What's your favorite jam? Spread the word!

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