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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#T13Tweetup at Le Bistro Vert

Sustainable network?

We've seen the rise and fall of Friendster, and now Facebook has come, conquered. Which social platform can maximize the six degrees of the human web? Maybe a combination of all these, integrated with LinkedIn, Flickr, and future unnamed apps will be what brings us together in efficiency and productivity. I personally think it's time to start bringing people together and intertwine each one's social circles. Tweetups are a great start, being innocent-mababaw, fun, easy-to-plan, and there's immediate common ground (RP Twitter users).

Ria Juan planned and produced the #T13Tweetup, which was held at Le Bistro Vert in Salcedo Village, Makati last May 13, 2010. It was originally dubbed Thursday the 13th tweetup, then a name suggestion conversation started on Twitter. I live a couple of buildings away from Le Bistro Vert, but had to drive from the clinic in Laguna. The traffic along SLEX wasn't too bad. There were raincloud reminders again but it didn't rain.

I arrived third, with Kevin and Janette already enjoying the plush seats, Fraser Place Wifi & hot coffee. A few minutes & a lasagna bowl later, I see Ria distributing gum labels and colored markers for our DIY name tags. We then request for the bar menu & FORMALLY start happy hour. Kevin, Janette and I were in a table with Carl, Poch, Rian (pronounced Ryan), and Tonyo. When Sherwin arrived, the program/Quiz portion started. A photo op with Yves was the highlight of the evening. Photos of T13tweetup are available from JP's Multiply site. Ria has a list of all twitterers who went to #t13tweetup.

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