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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PLDT Home Fibr TVolution Unboxing

PLDT Home Fibr TVolution first issue
PLDT Home recently launched its new complementary component for the #ConnectedHome called TVolution. This device connects to your existing modern LCD / LED / Plasma TV via the HDMI input and provides an Andorid OS interface where one can surf the internet and consume all sorts of digital media like streaming music, movies, sports events, rich media websites, games, social networking sites and productivity and communications software.

Here's the commercial video which aired on Philippine prime-time TV.

The Fibr team lent me an "early" test kit which is unboxed below so you can see the contents:

1. TVolution device with HDMI and USB inputs
2. AC Adapter with USB-to-micro USB cable
3. HDMI Cable
4. Remote Control
5. Two pieces AAA batteries
6. Quick-start guide
7. Safety Information and Warranty Card
8. Double-sided mounting tape

What's in the box? Here's an interactive image!

Installation FAQs

Step 1: How To Connect TVolution To Your TV

1. Attach the HDMI cable to the TVolution HDMI port and the TV HDMI port.
2. Attach the mini-USB cable to the TVolution and the power adapter. Plug the power adapter to a power outlet.
3. Wait until the red light in the USB port turns blue. Your TVolution will boot up once the light turns blue.

Step 2: How To Synch Your Remote Control For TVolution

1. Insert two AAA batteries into the remote control.
2. Press "OK" and the "Volume Up" button simultaneously until the check appears on the screen. Once the check appears, your remote is now ready to use.

Step 3: How To Connect TVolution To Your WiFi Connection

1. After synching your remote control, a list of available WiFi connections will appear.
2. Choose your WiFi connection and enter the password. You may connect a USB keyboard to the regular USB port to help facilitate typing.
3. Press the "Connect" button.

You can use the Telpad or an Android or iOS phone as a remote control for TVolution by downloading the remote control app. You can connect a mouse and keyboard to the USB ports of your TVolution. This is highly recommended for full web surfing and for creating documents.

Here's the unboxing video!

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