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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My 2013 Thinglink Interactive Poster Projects for PLDT and Barrack Obama

John Mercado's hand sketch of Barrack Obama, made right after the reelection results

The PLDT Smart Foundation continues its relief efforts by sourcing and efficiently managing funds.

PLDT Home DSL's most effective sales generation campaign: the Great Payday Sale.

I came across the Thinglink site early last year while looking for ways to inventively share flat image content on different web assets. Thinglink allows one to place interactive touch buttons on different places of a single digital image, making it rich with links, "meta" descriptions, keyword-rich articles, and calls to action. Creation of an account and modification of images on Thinglink is very easy! All you're limited to is the use of your imagination. In the Barrack Obama poster, there are 5 touch buttons with different links:
  1. Barrack's eye area has a button that leads to his Twitter account.
  2. The pencil shaft has a button that used to link to the Multiply artwork of my brother John
  3. Barrack's right hand (which contracts into a "four" hand sign) leads to his reelection victory speech.
  4. The oval within the Four More logo leads to the official Barrack Obama downloads page. The webpage is laid out in a modern flat / metro design.
  5. The other link within the logo leads to the official US White House website, specifically the President's schedule.
The images can be embedded on blog posts and social networking channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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